Rick “Zombie Boy” Genest Resembles a Traffic Cone, Stretches Neck in New Video

What can’t resident zombie boy, Rick Genest, do? We already know that he’s mastered a few feats like walking for Mugler, getting down with The Gaga, looking perfectly normal and tat-free, and always being prepared for a costume party.

After starring in a new video by Bartek Sejwa, he can now add a few more skills to his résumé including 1) modeling “eyewear” adorned with bolts, chains, and other shiny things, 2) wearing safety cone orange, 3) dangling chains above his head while nailing “ceiling eyes” better than Queen Audrina herself, 4) scowling* at the ground, 5) stretching his neck, and 6) staring creepily through black strands. Next up: not scaring the neighborhood kids silly.

* I honestly can’t tell if he’s scowling or not. His tats make it a wee bit difficult to decipher his facial expressions.

Click on the images below to see more screenshots from the video, courtesy of Design Scene.

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