Now You Can Dress Your Boyfriend Like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Andy Warhol

You’re watching a movie and you can’t help but praise the wardrobe stylist for putting together the leading man’s impeccable outfits. And then you turn your head 90 degrees to the left. Your boyfriend is wearing a pair of ill-fitting jeans, a holey zip-up, and a sweat-stained v-neck. Instead of dumping him on the spot for his poor sartorial choices, look to Nerd Boyfriend.

With a seal of approval from Details, this Tumblr makes it super easy to dress like any star from Harrison Ford to DJ Jazzy Jeff. The blog’s creator, Roxana Altamirano, distills each look down to its essential components and provides you with links to each piece. Grab the closest male you can and say buh-bye to cargo pants and other wardrobe abominations.

Psst… there’s also a version for girls. Break out the suspenders: it’s time to dress like Jodie Foster.

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