Interview: Christina Ly Of A Rainy Melody

Twenty Two got a chance to sit down (albeit virtually) with one of our favorite Bay Area fashion bloggers, Christina Ly of A Rainy Melody. We discussed everything from inspirational books and personal style to window shopping and a mutual dislike of leggings worn as pants.

Twenty Two: So, first tell us a bit about yourself.

Christina: I’m a recent graduate of UC Davis, majored in Psychobiology with a minor in Communication. I’ve always had an interest in science and while I did major in it and held various internships in that regard, I was also able to explore other things I enjoyed such as helping others through community service and fashion blogging. I even moved out to New York City to try something different. I’m grateful for the experience and everything that NYC has given me. I’ve met so many inspiring people and now I’m just trying to pave my own path.

Twenty Two: Wow, that’s quite a journey! Can you tell us more about your blog? When and why did you start blogging?

Christina: It was actually during the summer of my third year that my friend introduced to me. I was completely addicted to it and then discovered the realm of fashion blogging. Up until then, I was going to intern at a biotech company and then I found out the internship program was put on hiatus. I decided to take summer school at UC Davis and with chemistry classes… I definitely needed a creative outlet.

My blog first started with just me taking simple outfit shots in my room with a make shift tripod out of my chemistry books. It’s gone under construction quite a few times and now I think I’m much happier with the direction it’s taken. It’s more of a lifestyle blog so I can document my memories as well as share with others who/what inspires me. I even created a ‘Be Inspired‘ series where I feature bloggers/books/music/whatever I’m inspired by.

Twenty Two: Good blogs definitely evolve with the author. So, you’ve mentioned that you have a few different series on your blog… inspiration, outfits… Can you tell us a bit more about these? What can our readers expect to see on your blog? What are your current inspirations?

Christina: My readers can expect anything from fashion to funny stories about my life. Since I started out blogging about fashion, I definitely wanted to keep it as part of it. As much as I love high-end fashion, I’m more about personal style and making it your own. Before I was incredibly obsessed with it and now it’s with food! I love taking pictures of what I’m eating. As for my ‘Be Inspired’ series, it’s something new that I’m working on that I hope inspires others as well.

I’m currently inspired by this book I’m reading: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. It’s a small book that I keep with me to read when I need a reminder about the good things in life. It’s great motivation to just relax and think about the important things in life.

Twenty Two: That’s great. You mentioned that you’ve been taking a lot of photos of food lately. What’s your favorite thing to eat at the moment? Favorite restaurants in the Bay, Davis, or NYC?

Christina: Oh man, this is such a hard question to answer since I love everything. I would definitely say I’m craving dumplings all the time! My favorite restaurant in New York would be BCD Tofu House in Koreatown. Davis has this amazing Thai restaurant, Thai Nakorn. The decor is really great — I love all the murals. As for the Bay Area, I’m a huge fan of Joy Sushi in San Mateo!

Twenty Two: I’ve been to a BCD Tofu House in Los Angeles. They’re delicious! Going back to what you were saying about personal style, how would you describe personal style? How would you define yours?

Christina: Personal style is having the confidence to wear what you like. It doesn’t matter where the clothes come from, how much it costs — it matters how you wear and build your outfit. I love bloggers who can mix and match high-end items with low-end while still looking comfortable in their own skin. As for my own personal style, it’s always changing depending on what I’m interested in. For the most part it’s girly with some edge. I’m working on consolidating my closet and buying things I can wear over and over again.

Twenty Two: On a related note, what are your favorite stores for shopping? How about for window-shopping?

Christina: I love shopping online! It’s so convenient since there are no lines. I love shopping at Zara, H&M, Topshop, Forever 21 — I’m open to anything really. As for window shopping, I’m a huge fan of J. Crew. They do a great job catching my eye.

Twenty Two: A couple more fashion-related questions: What are you most excited to wear for spring? Are there any trends that you’d like to see disappear?

Christina: I’m most excited to wear dresses without bulky jackets! I’m much more of a hot weather type of person and can’t wait to throw on shorts. A trend I’d like to see disappear…oh! Wearing leggings as pants (without long tanks or dresses). It just doesn’t work for me.

Twenty Two: Something about leggings as pants doesn’t sit well with me either. When browsing your blog, I stumbled on your YouTube page. You’ve made quite a few videos! Can you tell me more about them? Are you planning to make any more in the future?

Christina: Ironically enough, this started one summer as well. I was in Los Angeles visiting and I had some friends already on YouTube who were visiting as well. I was fortunate to meet beauty gurus and they pushed me to just create the account. They were super sweet and fun — it was awesome being able to see a different side to them in person. I decided to try making videos for fun and just vlogging about what’s going on in my life. I want to make more videos and I’m working on being camera shy still!

Twenty Two: Yeah, I know what you mean about being camera shy — that’s why I take the photos on my blog instead of star in them. Last question: do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers?

Christina: My advice would be the same advice I’ve been given over and over again. Write about what you love and be consistent. It’s hard staying on track and I’m striving to post as often as I can. Also, to network! I’ve developed the best friendships with people who I’ve reached out to and vice versa. They’re the people who are going to support you!

Thanks to Christina for the lovely interview! You can keep up with Christina by following her blog, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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