The Sunday Best: Bonnie Bear & Cake Batter Shakes

The Sunday Best is a weekly wrap-up of the greatest things that happened this week in art, entertainment, fashion, food, the interwebs, and sustainability. Church clothes optional.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you this week: cake batter milkshakes, Bart Simpson’s chalkboard quotes, and Bonnie Bear.

Bart Simpson’s Chalkboard Quotes: In the twenty plus years that “The Simpsons” has been on air, you’ve managed to catch a few glimpses of what Bart has been writing on the chalkboard all these years. Now you can see all 288 quotes. (Vulture) 

Scout Inspired Bow Tie: This DIY project is for those who are nostalgic of the days spent at Girl Scout camp making lanyards and riding in canoes, now with a sartorial twist. (A Beautiful Mess)

Marni for H&M: With the Versace collaboration as a distant memory, gear up for some new printed pieces from Marni on March 8. Click for the full collection. (Flare)

Heart-Shaped Donuts: Celebrate a belated V-Day or very enthusiastic Presidents’ Day with these heart-shaped donuts. If you’re more a fan of the photos than the actual treats, check out the close-ups of the pink frosting and shredded coconut. (Souvlaki for the Soul)

Raspberry Rose & Pistachio PavlovaClaire Thomas, or the food blogger who can do no wrong, celebrated V-Day with a decadent meringue dessert as an ode to her Aussie mom. (The Kitchy Kitchen)

Cake Batter Milkshakes: Put that Pillsbury box to good use by making a cake batter milkshake in three different flavors, Funfetti, Devil’s Food Cake, or Pineapple Upside Down Cake. (A Beautiful Mess)

So, Who Is Bon Iver? This is basically another example of how of people need to look things up before they tweet. One Tumblr user created a page dedicated to listing all of the hilarious and oftentimes irrational reactions Facebook and Twitter users had when hearing of Bon Iver’s (or is it Bonnie Bear’s?) Grammy wins. (Who Is Bon Iver?)

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