We’re on Facebook!

You’ve read that correctly: Twenty Two is now on Facebook.

In an effort to convince you to like us on the social networking site we know you’re on all the time (and most likely, right now), here are 22 reasons why you should follow Twenty Two on Facebook… stat!

  1. We’re awesome. Just check out our About page.
  2. Our food round-ups will make you drool. See exhibit A and exhibit B.
  3. We share the best recipes from the best food bloggers around town.
  4. We have an amazing group of panelists for Ask the Panel.
  5. We like art. A lot.
  6. We’ve already had an awesome giveaway with Shabby Apple.
  7. We have a huge sweet tooth that’s pretty dang contagious.
  8. Our Etsy Spotlight highlights some of the best shops you don’t know about.
  9. The Sunday Best finds the best of the internet so you don’t have to.
  10. Our original recipe series has barely begun.
  11. Cake batter shakes. Enough said.
  12. We’ve learned about some of awesome creative types in our interviews and it’s just the beginning.
  13. We share new ways to live a more sustainable life.
  14. We have a soft spot for vintage clothing.
  15. We heart Mila Kunis (as everyone should).
  16. We want you to eat at restaurants that treat their employees fairly.
  17. We share at least one new Tumblr each week.
  18. We’re big fans of collaboration lines. Hello Versace, Jason Wu, and Marni.
  19. We’ve got a thing for Andrej Pejic and Rick Genest.
  20. We love backpacks!
  21. We love you!
  22. I mean… why not?

Oh yeah, we’re also on Twitter.

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Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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