Listen Up: Our Mid-March Playlist

Say hello to our new music writer, Michael Reckstin. For his debut post, this wannabe Pitchfork columnist gives us his picks for your mid-March playlist.

Here are ten songs released recently (in no particular order) sure to pique your ears’ interest.

1.) Santigold – “Disparate Youth”
The genre-blending artist is back with another single from her upcoming album Master of My Make Believe, set to drop this May. The song beckons the 80’s, a decade consumed by New Wave and synthesized pop, genres which Santi seems perfectly capable of synthesizing and resonating in her music. Paired with futuristic beats, this song reminds us why we enjoyed her debut album so much in the first place. Don’t call it a comeback and most definitely, don’t call it a sophomore slump either.

2.) Kindness – “Gee Up”
When I first heard the opening to this song I expected the Bee Gees to start singing. This song comes from the much-talked about artist Adam Bainbridge, otherwise known as Kindness. Though his googlability may not be the best, he is sure to improve that with the release of his debut album World You Need a Change of Mind, out March 19th.

3.) Danny Brown – “Radio Song”
Keeping his middle finger up to major labels and mainstream radio, Danny Brown’s “Radio Song” champions his lyrical abilities to convey exactly what is on Brown’s mind—not sacrificing artistry for the sake of a label’s wants. The song comes off his LP, “XXX” off of Fool’s Gold Records.

4.) Balam Acab – “Come True”
Offering a new single off Twitter, Balam Acab’s “Come True” contains R&B sampling, fluid melodies, and an angelic harp. Need to relax or chill out? Give this song a listen. It won’t disappoint.

5.) Cassie – “King of Hearts”
Three words: Certified club banga. The R&B songstress is back with her electro-dance single off Diddy’s Bad Boy label. It has bass and intensifying synth. Oh, and the music video is as equally as sexy as the song.

6.) Beach House – “Myth”
The song is just about as epic as the title. Beach House have been the pioneers of Indie subgenres such as “Dreampop”, which, in this song, is clearly illustrated through the dizzying guitar riffs and hypnotic vocals of Victoria Legrand. “If you build yourself a myth/ You’ll know just what to get/ What comes out after this/ Momentary bliss/ Consequence”. Preach.

7.) Delicate Steve – “Afria Talks to You”
Who ever said funk was dead? Delicate Steve’s “Afria (not Africa) Talks to You” is a fun tune to listen to. It showcases guitar-sliding good times that echoes Ratatat and even Sly & the Family Stone. Be sure to check out Delicate Steve’s upcoming album Positive Force, out May 15th off of Luaka Bop.

8.) Bobby Womack – “Please Forgive My Heart”
How does one stay relevant in today’s music scene after a career as a 60’s soul singer? Simple. You sign to XL Recordings. I want to say that Bobby Womack took a hint from the late Gil Scott-Heron and veered down a similar musical path. On this song, Womack sings with great conviction making personal admittances to being “a liar”, proving that this is much more than a typical love song. Please note this isn’t Womack’s first attempt at tapping into the Indie realm. We’ve seen Womack featured on the song “Stylo” off the Gorillaz third album Plastic Beach alongside Mos Def (AKA Yasiin Bey).

9.) Kid A – “BB Bleu”
My advice—listen to this on a rainy day. This next song comes from Virginian singer/songwriter Kid A. She likes to write some of her songs in Japanese and even recorded some of her full-length album in Paris. Whether or not her moniker is a tribute to the famed Radiohead album, this song is bound to captivate, or possibly, seduce. It has everything from jazzy haze-inducing loops to soft-spoken muddled vocals. Oh, and did I mention the spelling of the song name? Genius.

10.) THEESatisfaction – “Enchantruss”
OK. You might think what the hell am I listening to when you first listen to THEESatisfaction’s “Enchantruss”.  As the song builds, the spacey-psychedelic harmonies engulf. The Seattle duo may sound familiar as they were featured on Shabazz Palaces’ Black Up. Their debut album, awE naturalE, is slated to release this month on Sub Pop.

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