Interview: Maxine Hagan & April Spencer of Maxi And April Have a Tumblr

This week we caught up with a comic book-loving duo that’s making waves in the Tumblr-sphere. In our most recent installment of our ongoing interview series, Maxine Hagan and April Spencer of the aptly-titled blog, Maxi And April Have a Tumblr, discuss their attempts to recreate the unrealistic poses of female characters in comic books. Read on for our most hilarious interview yet.

Twenty Two: Let’s start with the basics. Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Maxi and April: As it says in our profile, we’re both film students and we live together. As you can probably tell from our blog we’re both massive comic book fans (Deadpool’s our favorite!), but other than that we’re nerds in different ways. Max is really into video games and April is big on strange movies. If it’s made someone sick she probably owns it. We are also very into art, but April prefers realism and Max leans more toward comic book art. We got into film because we realized that we film everything anyway, so we thought “might as well get some college credit for it.”

Twenty Two: What inspired you to recreate unrealistic comic book poses?

Maxi and April: Well, we go to the comic book store at least once a week and every time, we laugh at how ridiculous some of the women look on the covers. One time, April was looking at one particularly special cover when Maxi mentioned the infamous Mary Jane pose. Later that night, between our fourth and fifth shots of vodka, we basically said, “Hey! We could that! Get the camera!” And the next day our first picture went up. We were shocked at the response to the post; it was just one of the silly things that we do.

Twenty Two: How do you decide which poses to reproduce?

Maxi and April: We really don’t put that much thought into it. We look. It makes us laugh. We get the camera. We actually have a lot saved up; the hardest part is deciding which “daily life activity” best suits each photo.

Twenty Two: How do you feel female characters are portrayed in comics?

Maxi and April: We both agree that women are far too sexualized in comics. We don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with being attractive or sexy, but as women and artists we find it ridiculous that female characters are literally drawn in impossible positions in order to seem sexy. We just feel that women don’t need to break their backs to look bangin’; it’s possible for there to be strong, empowered, sexy women in comics who are also anatomically correct. Furthermore, we don’t know about everyone else, but if we were wearing armor…we would want to wear armor that covers essential organs and not the just the boobs and crotch. Women have kidneys too!

Twenty Two: Have there been any images you’ve tried to recreate but haven’t been able to do so?

Maxi and April: Abs ‘n’ pecks-olutely! However, we still post the failures; some are just far too impossible for us to even come close to getting right. But as long as the picture is funny we still post it. We had realized early on that we were not going to be able to recreate these photos perfectly, mostly due to the fact that we have spines, but it’s all just for fun. Something that we have taken away from this project is that even though some of these poses look simple, they hurt like crazy!

Twenty Two: When you’re not imitating comics or creating hilarious videos, how do you two spend your time?

Maxi: If I’m not at school with April or watching TV with April, then I’m probably… still with April (no wonder everyone has been asking if we are a couple). But occasionally I do go out with other friends. I also dedicate a lot of my free time to reading (currently reading The Hunger Games and World War Z) and to playing video games (I find Skyrim and Minecraft to be highly addictive). I also like to go on hikes (with April) and I also like to occasionally draw.

April: As Maxi said, we do have our own friends, so occasionally I make time for them (although I have cancelled on more than one occasion when Max and I found something better to do). I enjoy watching copious amounts of bad TV and good movies, hiking… usually with Maxi, dancing around like an idiot, and taking the love of my life, Sammy, for walks (he’s a dog if you couldn’t tell). And I too like to draw whenever I have the time. I also like to read, but only when Maxi recommends a book. And as stupid as this sounds, I love me some makeup! I’ll spend hours in the makeup departments testing out EVERYTHING.

Twenty Two: What can we expect to see from Maxi and April in the future?

Maxi and April: We originally made our Tumblr for a place to put our movie projects, so although we plan to continue with our comic book poses, people should expect to see a lot more videos being posted in the future.

A special thanks to Maxi and April for giving us the opportunity to learn more about the comic book poses series on their Tumblr.

Click on the images below to see more from Maxi and April.

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