The Sunday Best: I Spy Dip-dyed Dresses & Revamped MetroCards

The Sunday Best is a weekly wrap-up of the greatest things that happened this week in art, entertainment, fashion, food, the interwebs, and sustainability. Church clothes optional.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you this week: Jill Aiko Yee’s dreamy new dip-dyed collection, revamped transit cards, and Schmidt’s work-out video.

The MetroCard Project by Melanie Chernock: Graphic design student Melanie Chernock has redesigned the New York City MetroCard with 25 equally thrilling variations, ranging from letters made of spaghetti and ground beef to glitter and neon signs. (Trendland) 

Bird’s Eye View Photos by Katrin Korfmann: Amsterdam-based artist Katrin Korfmann created a series of stunning images of groups of people shot from above swimming pools, freeways, and intersections, composed of several photos melded together. (designboom)

Schmidt’s Work-Out Video: As a self-professed cardio-freak on “New Girl,” it was only a matter of time before Schmidt came up with his own work-out video, perfect for an afternoon of spinning. Click for Max Greenfield in bike shorts and Schmidt being Schmidt. (HelloGiggles)

Jill Aiko Yee’s New Label: Los Angeles-based women’s wear designer and our interviewee, Jill Aiko Yee, has released a new dip-dyed collection of dreamy dresses, skirts, and shirts that will make any pants-loving tomboygirl reconsider their sartorial choices. (Jill Aiko Yee)

Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen: Ari Seth Cohen, the brains behind the popular street style blog, talked about his new book of the same name that will feature his elder subjects’ timeless style. File this under bad-ass grandma gear. (The Cut)

The Best 90’s Playlist Ever, Ever: If you were born near the end of the last century, chances are this 300-song 90’s playlist on Spotify is for you. (If you don’t have Spotify, this 200-song playlist on YouTube will suffice.) Click for artists like Goo Goo Dolls and Counting Crows. (Thought Catalog)

How to Kick the Fast Fashion Habit: In the latest post for their Ethical Style series, GOOD has come up with tips for how to shop at other stores besides Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, including getting crafty, getting thrifty, and revisiting the notions of want vs. need. (GOOD)

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