22 Unlikely Social Media Statuses Ending with #YOLO

This post is a product of two things: reading too many posts on Thought Catalog and Cord Jefferson’s most recent Twitter status.

Thought Catalog is a blog written for and by twentysomethings about various topics, including internet memes and etiquette. Cord Jefferson, the Senior Editor at GOOD Magazine, often tweets things much more thought-provoking than what he ate for breakfast. In his latest tweet, he chirped: “I feel like #YOLO is very offensive to our brothers and sisters who believe in reincarnation. What does Drizzy have against Sikhs? Hmmmm?”

So, without further ado, here are some failed statues I came up with, all ending with the ever-popular you-only-live-once hashtag. Feel free to comment with any of your own, or just talk about how much you want #YOLO to die.

  1. Just bought a book with 75 new knitting patterns. I’m making a sweater for my niece! #YOLO
  2. Used a manual can opener instead of electric. Hope I don’t get carpal tunnel. #YOLO
  3. Binge drank water from my Brita filter #YOLO
  4. Did my math homework entirely in pen #YOLO
  5. Bought regular instead of organic avocados at Trader Joe’s #YOLO
  6. Used Georgia instead of Times New Roman on my term paper #YOLO
  7. Bought up all the SPF 50 at CVS. SPF 35 is for the weak! #YOLO
  8. Drove in complete silence #YOLO
  9. Let my cereal get soggy for an extra thirty seconds #YOLO
  10. Sent a heartfelt tweet to my favorite celebrity #YOLO
  11. Ate pizza with a fork and knife #YOLO
  12. Made my bed before heading off to work #YOLO
  13. Printed out and laminated my grocery list #YOLO
  14. Watched One Direction on SNL #YOLO
  15. Paid full-price admission to the museum the day after Free Friday #YOLO
  16. Took notes while watching PBS #YOLO
  17. Wore a knitted scarf in the summer #YOLO
  18. Used my sweatpants as a napkin #YOLO
  19. Used the public restroom at Yosemite #YOLO
  20. Wore nude-colored tights #YOLO
  21. Actively kept up with worldwide events #YOLO
  22. Read every post on Twenty Two #YOLO

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