The Sunday Best: From Text-Only Instagram to Swirled Creamsicle Meringues

The Sunday Best is a weekly wrap-up of the greatest things that happened this week in art, entertainment, fashion, food, the interwebs, and sustainability. Church clothes optional.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you this week: Text-Only Instagram, a preview of Snooki and JWOWW’s new show, and swirled creamsicle meringues.

Designer Sushi: International ad agency I&S BBDO has created a line of designer sushi rolls, which features laser-cut seaweed in cherry blossom and turtle shell patterns. (designboom) 

First Look at “Snooki & JWOWW”: Two of the most infamous women on “Jersey Shore,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley are starring in their own spin-off, set to take place in Jersey City. Tune in on June 21 for a pregnant Snooki and skeptical JWOWW. (MTV)

Summer Movie Casts as High School Cliques: Two Kyle’s from Vulture wanted to see where the casts of five summer ensemble movies would fit on the high school social ladder. Unsurprisingly, the cast of The Avengers made up The Jocks, while the cast of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom included The Hipsters. (Vulture)

The Celebrity Hippie Spectrum at Coachella: Ally and Stella at The Cut have ranked the outfits celebrities wore to Coachella according to a hippie spectrum, ranging from “I Wish It Was Still 1969” to “Get Away From Me, You Dirty Hippies.” For reference, LiLo ranked near the former. (The Cut)

Prada’s Parallel Universe GIF’s: Vahram Muratyan, known for publishing Paris vs. New York: A Tally of Two Cities in February, has created a series of animated GIF’s for Prada, echoing the nostalgia found in their most recent throwback collection. (Trendland)

[vimeo w=545]

Pimkie Color Forecast: The people behind the Pimkie Color Forecast have installed video cameras all around three major European cities — Paris, Antwerp, and Milan — in an effort to track the colors currently trending at the moment. (Springwise)

Swirled Creamsicle Meringues: A finalist in Saveur‘s Best Food Blog Awards, you can bet Lillie of the baking site BMUB knows a thing or two about making a delicious meringue cookie based off Martha Stewart’s own recipe. (Butter Me Up Brooklyn)

Food Infographics by Stephen Wildish: Illustrator and graphic designer Stephen Wildish has created a series of food-related infographics that make cooking and baking all the more enjoyable. Exhibit A: Ham Thickness by Social Class. (Acquired Taste)

Tumblr of the Week: This week’s pick is Movie Mimic, a site dedicated to reliving famous scenes in films like Love Actually (above), Inception, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. (Movie Mimic)

Twitter of the Week: This week’s pick distills all of those Instagram photos you’ve seen (and shared) down to their text-only core. Close contenders include Pictureless Pinterest and Text Based Tumblr. (Thought Catalog)

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