The Sunday Best: Urban Plant Tags & A Bikey Tina Fey

The Sunday Best is a weekly wrap-up of the greatest things that happened this week in art, entertainment, fashion, food, the interwebs, and sustainability. Church clothes optional.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you this week: urban plant tags, a short pixelated animation of cameras throughout history, and a bike-friendly Tina Fey.

[vimeo w=545]

The Camera Collection: This short animation features pixelated images of various types of cameras throughout history, including film cameras, point-and-shoots, Polaroids, and a Diana or two. (Photojojo) 

Urban Plant Tags by Carmichael Collective: Minneapolis-based creative company Carmichael Collective has created a series of urban plant tags to be placed in front of fire hydrants, stop signs, mailboxes, and other urban infrustructure with details about the size, placement, and care for each. (designboom)

Celebrity Portraits Made of Perler Beads: American artist Steve Moore has combined celebrity portraiture with our own nostalgia of long days spent tediously making designs we would’ve liked to look like flowers with plastic Perler beads. Subjects include Britney Spears (above), Snoop Dogg, and Larry David. (designboom)

[vimeo w=545]

The Way I Dress by Chris Floyd: Photographer Chris Floyd has recorded a few interesting individuals getting dressed in this aptly-titled video series. Subjects include jewelry designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia (above), hockey player Sean Avery, and more. (Booooooom)

Roasted Strawberry + Coconut Milk Popsicles: A newly-minted Saveur Best Food Blog Awards Finalist, Kimberley of The Year In Food has shared a recipe for popsicles with strawberries, coconut milk, and cardamom. If this recipe is any indication, summer is almost here! (The Year In Food)

A Review of Every Britney Spears Music Video Ever: The consistently hilarious Ryan O’Connell has reviewed (nearly) every music video Britney Spears has ever created, starting with her teen provocateur roots and ending with the most recent Femme Fatale era. (Thought Catalog)

How Ethical Is ‘Artisanal’ Production?: For the latest installment of the Ethical Style series, Tabea and Jessica explore what it means for a good to be an “artisanal” product and how that label may not embody all the values that you’d expect. (GOOD)

Bicycle Beginnings: The avid cyclist and illustrator behind BikeyFace has depicted the experiences of what hopeful, albeit hesitant, bike riders eager to participate in National Bike Month. Of course, a bikey Tina Fey comes to the rescue to ease any and all worries. (BikeyFace)

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