Ask The Panel: Favorite Movies

We’ve rounded up a few new and old faces for our Ask the Panel series, back by popular demand. Our panelists include the founder of an ethical clothing boutique, the creator of a couture events and photography company, our very own music writer, the CEO of a digital media beauty company, a women’s wear designer, and a fashion blogger.

While our questions for the panelists previously centered around fashion, we’re switching it up and instead focusing on entertainment… and a bit more. (You’ll see exactly what we mean by “more” in the fourth installment.) Without further ado, we’ll start the series off with the following question:

What movies can you watch over and over again?

Jessica Althoff
Founder of Future:Standard, an online ethical clothing boutique

I am watching Diary of a Mad Black Woman right now and I love it! It is a perfect mix of funny, sad, and heartwarming. Also, Love Actually & Pretty in Pink. Same reasons. I love a movie that makes me laugh and cry.

Doreen Bloch
CEO and founder of Poshly, an innovative digital media company working to better connect beauty brands to stylish consumers

I love movies that test our ideas of reality. I could watch Fight Club or The Sixth Sense over and over again. My all-time favorite in this genre is the incredible film series called Death Note. It’s based on a Japanese manga; if you have a chance to see the English-dubbed version, do! It’s an amazing movie. I also adore witty and timeless comedies like The Breakfast Club or Princess Bride. The only chick-flicks I’ll re-watch are those smart, funny classics from growing up, like 10 Things I Hate About YouLegally Blonde, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, or The Princess Diaries. They never get old! Also, the Golden Age Hollywood comedies are fun and timeless. The fashion, beauty, and set designs are wonderful to view in those, too.

Phyliss Ha Siler (read our interview with Phyliss)
Founder of Rue 7, a couture event and photography company

The Professional, In the Mood for Love, and Edward Scissorhands.

Michael Reckstin
Music writer for Twenty Two

I don’t know about watching over and over again, but some films I really love are Do The Right Thing, Spirited Away, Imitation of Life, Rush Hour I & II (not III), The Darjeeling Limited, In the Family, Detour, and Monster.

Jill Aiko Yee (read our interview with Jill)
Women’s wear designer

I Heart Huckabees, Being John Malkovich, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and Zoolander — my generation’s comedy, and a great poke at the fashion industry.

Anisa Young
Blogger for Young and Seamless

This is so my guilty pleasure, I can’t believe I’m about to put this out on the internet, but I love the southern comfort of Sweet Home Alabama when I need a movie that’ll make me cry and laugh hysterically. I went through a phase where I could only fall asleep if the movie was on. (Shhh! Let’s keep this between us!) I also love the song. It reminds me of warm apple pie and cowboy boots! A bit of a cliché, I am such a sap for rom-coms. I can’t help it. The heart wants what the heart wants! Give me A Walk to Remember, Bridget Jones’s Diary, or Tangled, and I’m a happy (but very teary-eyed) gal!

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