The Sunday Best: Barbie’s Loveless Marriage

The Sunday Best is a weekly wrap-up of the greatest things that happened this week in art, entertainment, fashion, food, the interwebs, and sustainability. Church clothes optional.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you this week: an exploration of Barbie’s loveless marriage, impeccable street style from Graduate Fashion Week in London, and a recipe for asparagus baked eggs.

Barbie-Inspired Photographs of a Loveless Marriage: Vancouver-based photographer Dina Goldstein has created a series of images depicting Barbie and Ken’s unhappy marriage. (Beautiful/Decay)

Street Style from London’s Graduate Fashion Week: The Cut has shared a group of street style photos taken at London’s Graduate Fashion Week. (The Cut)

Asparagus Baked Eggs: Claire Thomas has created a video to go along with her recipe for asparagus topped off with baked eggs, parmesan, and breadcrumbs. (The Kitchy Kitchen)

Spaghetti Western Cupcakes: Heather of Sprinkle Bakes has created a recipe for spaghetti western cupcakes, topped off with candied meatballs. (Sprinkle Bakes)

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