Ask The Panel: Favorite Food

As we mentioned in the first post of this round of Ask the Panel, this series would focus on entertainment and a bit more. Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned about our panelists’ favorite movies, books, and musicians. Now it’s time for the “more” we noted earlier, which – you’ve guessed it – is food.

For this round, our panelists grabbed their adult-sized bibs and slipped into their eating pants, ready to share the foods that make their mouths water every time they’re within close proximity. Without further ado, we’ll end the series with the following question:

What foods can you not live without?

Jessica Althoff
Founder of Future:Standard, an online ethical clothing boutique


Doreen Bloch
CEO and founder of Poshly, an innovative digital media company working to better connect beauty brands to stylish consumers

Chocolate. I know I could live without it obviously, but it’s just so good! I’m actually trying the Paleo diet right now, and am glad that cocoa is on the somewhat-OK list. Chocolate is so delicious. Aside from being a chocoholic, creme brûlée is my other fave. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

Phyliss Ha Siler (read our interview with Phyliss)
Founder of Rue 7, a couture event and photography company

Chocolate and steak.

Michael Reckstin
Music writer for Twenty Two

I seriously love all Asian cuisine. I’m also very passionate about Mexican food.

Jill Aiko Yee (read our interview with Jill)
Women’s wear designer

Apples – my favorite fruit in the fall and I love the crunch. Rice – grew  up eating it every day. Pomelo – just discovered it last year and now I eat it every day when it’s in season. Even though I hate winter, I live for stew-y winter foods like chicken pot pie, coq au vin, and beef stew.

Anisa Young
Blogger for Young and Seamless

The toughest question of all! I am such a fan of food, never particularly picky so it’s always hard for me to choose. My go-to option that I’m always in the mood for is sushi, the fishier the better! I’ll take sashimi over an eel roll any day. My ultimate comfort food has always been a big steamy bowl of chicken corn soup and rice. It has been my favorite since I was six! Also, mashed potatoes, the best part of Thanksgiving dinner in my opinion.

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