About Twenty Two

Let’s play a game of process of elimination, shall we? At least one of the following statements about the blog is true. Indicate which answers you deem appropriate.

Twenty Two…

a) was created by a group of friends who wanted to document what they loved or, at least, thought was really, really cool before the apocalypse destroyed them and, most importantly, the internet.
b) is your (somewhat) daily dose of art & design, entertainment, fashion, food, the interwebs, and sustainability.
c) is the best thing to happen to you all day.
d) is a blog.
e) Duh, all of the above.

I think you already know the correct answer. So, without further ado, you can read about the crazies who make this blog functional and decide whether you’d like to humor them and continue reading. (We suggest you do.)

Our Team

Brittany Curran is the founding editor of Twenty Two. No stranger to fashion blogging, she started a street style blog called Work It, Berk (think The Sartorialist with more hippies and hipsters) and was the blog editor for Bare Magazine. She enjoys scouring fashion, art, design, celebrity, food, sustainability, and photography blogs in an attempt to fill her brain with all the knowledge that there is. Her tries at humor are more often poor than not.

Heather Do, the main food contributor for the blog, knows her way around a kitchen. She has worked in all sorts of spaces in the food world, including interning at a major food magazine, serving gourmet ice cream to indecisive college students, and feeding hungry, hungry hip-… wait for it… -pies. In her spare time, she grabs the closest friend to join her on food adventures, traveling by way of an enviable teal Bianchi.

Elaine Jones, one of our music contributors, has an expansive file cabinet of musical knowledge tucked neatly away in the crevices of her cerebral cortex. A English major by choice, she knows a thing or two about putting pen to paper and can spot hipsters approximately 1.23 miles away. She has a soft spot for Indian culture and adopted an adorable three-legged cat who is not afraid to use your limbs as a scratching post.

Michael Reckstin oozes musical talent whether he is writing or creating it. With an affinity for plaid shirts, curly fries, and the best damn music you probably haven’t heard of (yet), this wannabe Pitchfork columnist is bound to turn your music collection upside down. His other talents include churning out English papers, being downright hilarious, and dancing like a beast. He also has some of the best eyebrows you’ll ever see.

Bernie Samson, a fearless photographer in the realms of fashion and music, made her name known as a contributor for Bare Magazine. With more energy than the eponymous pink-hued, battery-toting bunny itself, she brings ample enthusiasm to enliven the dead. She has worked with both brands and bands, and is bound to connect our readers with some of the coolest people who are soon to be on your radar.

Diane Zhou, the graphic designer for the blog, is an artistic and sartorial force to be reckoned with. She has mastered more creative genres than you have toes, impeccably dabbling in sketching, painting, digital illustration, and animation to name a few. She has the same take-no-prisoners outlook when it comes to putting an outfit together, combining textures, patterns, and colors that wouldn’t transpire in your most inventive dreams.