Eat Ethically With The ROC National Diners’ Guide

While many New Years’ resolutions include exercising and quitting a slew of vices, let me propose adding a new, albeit belated, one to your list: eating ethically.

A few weeks ago, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (or ROC United) put together a Diners’ Guide for the new year. As champions of improving the wages and conditions of food service workers, they have rated 150 of the nation’s most popular restaurants according to a variety of factors,
including tipped and non-tipped wages, paid sick days, and opportunities for advancement.

They have even presented their findings alphabetically, by type of cuisine, and by location.

Although the guide doesn’t include information on all local establishments, it does list the Bay Area’s own Guerrilla Cafe and national chains like Baskin-Robbins, California Pizza Kitchen, Denny’s, and Chipotle. (You guessed it: Guerrilla Cafe ranked well in a majority of the categories, while McDonald’s has much more room for improvement.) Check to see how well your favorites did and which need quite a bit of help.

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